Mixing passions- Music & Yoga (My current playlist)

I have always loved the idea of music being our ‘universal language’, the concept that music can allow for communication between between countries, language barriers, time-periods, generations, distance, technology, our loving relationships…and so much more!

On reading an excerpt by Garth Stevenson in ‘Wanderlust‘, I enjoyed to see that he brought his two passions together to create his perfect and most content place, in his case, a meditative state.

Music has always been my number one passion, driver and motivator in life. When everything would fall to pieces, music would still be there. Throughout my years, my tastes have changed and (to an extent) matured, but still they develop daily and I am always learning something new.

But this is not a post about my love of music. As many of you know, over the last few months (years?), yoga has become a part of my life in a big way. Not only in terms of asana and postures, but as a lifestyle and everything that yoga teaches and provides alongside it. It is one thing to go to a class and enjoy an hour or two of practice, but I am finding the real fun in my own learning, and for me my whole experience was enhanced when I pulled together my yoga playlist! It brings me so much joy to bring yoga and music together and having my own playlist for practise really makes the time mine, I hope to share my sequence and find out what kind of music other yogi’s and yoga students alike listen to! I hope you enjoy my choices…!

My present yoga playlist (sequence 1)

Peacock Tail – Boards of Canada

Intro – The XX

 Ganesh is Fresh (omstrumental) – MC Yogi

Kusanagi – ODESZA

Interlude-3 – Alt-J

Venus as a boy – Bjork

Dry and Dusty – Fever Ray 

White on white– Fredrik

Raging Lung – The Knife

We’ve been inside for too long – Kyson 

Smoked Glass and Chrome – OTT

Lofticries – Purity Ring

So Easy – Royskopp

All of me wants all of you – Sufjan Stevens

Love is to die – Warpaint 

Underwater Love – Smoke city 

And for Savasana…

Shanti (Peace Out) – MC Yogi 

I will hopefully be updating my playlist every few weeks, I like to mix it up a bit and keep things fresh, so I will keep things up to date on here too! Are there any similarities here to other yoga playlists, does anybody have any tips for finding the perfect music? I look forward to researching it further!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

AO x


About Amy O

Daydreamer. OT Student. 26 years. Passion for Art, Nature, Botany, Tattoos, Rock and Blues, Yoga & the Cosmos!
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