When life throws you lemons… (Fighting fatigue with fitness and fresh highland air!)

I am long overdue a blog post, but I have had lots and lots going on so I am going to burden everybody with two or three posts today just to update!

I was recently at home in Inverness visiting my mum, family and friends and getting some of that good highland fresh air in my lungs. My plan for whilst I was at home was to bag my first Munro. People kept asking me why I was jumping straight into a Munro (over 3000 ft), but I had firm plans to take advantage of the great weather and I had been building up for months, pacing myself and trying to build the strength to do it.

As most of those in my life know (and the other lovely bloggers I have spoken with who have the same condition), my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia had somewhat put a spanner in the works in terms of life activity (particularly in my late teens to early twenties, before medical intervention). From always trying to cram as many things as possible into my day, finishing off with the gym, lately I have had to slow everything right down and completely revamp my diet and pace my daily activities. It has been most frustrating, this ‘pacing’ malarkey. There are a number of symptoms that come with the condition and it had taken years to accept that it wasn’t some kind of allergy, but I like to think I am in control of it to the best of my ability for now with the help of the right professionals! The only thing I can’t control however is a flare up- or when it decides to show face! Fortunately it has been less frequent with fatigue management, pain management and relaxation techniques!


I had chosen Wyvis as it is close to home and my cousins were up in Scotland this summer so it made for a great day to go up and conquer it! As soon as I opened my eyes in the morning though I knew the muscles were not great, I felt swollen, and it had taken all of the effort in the world to get out of bed! But my cousin and I decided to have a bash at it anyway. We didn’t make it to the top which is inevitable, but I know Mel could have gone so much further- it was lovely of her to come back down with me!


Bummed out is an understatement. I spent the afternoon in bed resting and thinking about what a pointless effort it all was. I wondered if I would ever have it in me to carry on with hillwalking and to get to the activity level that I was so used to before. After a few hours of feeling sorry for myself (ridiculous I know!) we all had dinner which was a tasty monk fish dish, but on the way home I stopped the car from feeling unwell. It might take a while to eat monk fish again, it is not so appealing when you have seen it in reverse! (Sorry!)

I never figured out whether or not it was a touch of a flare up and fatigue that day or if it was something already in my system just waiting to drain me. But one thing I learned is that I have never felt so determined to do something in my life, if anything, this massive failure has only pushed me to try Ben Wyvis again. My point being that, for now I might be bored of ‘pacing’ myself, but if anything, it is making my body stronger in the long run. I hope to be fighting fit again in the next few months! For now Ben Wyvis is my Everest…watch this space!

The photos are from the walking that I did manage, hopefully I will be able to get some from the top the next time! 😉


IMG_4383 IMG_4384  IMG_4391 IMG_4392  IMG_4395 IMG_4397IMG_4390




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