Shakshouka for Breakfast!

I first tried this dish when I was in New York and thought it was delicious! Eggs? Fab. Tomato? Fab. Onion? Even more fab. It was a breakfast of champions and I wanted to try it myself. This dish is initially thought to be Tunisian but there is no concrete evidence to show where it began! 🙂 This is a really simple dish to make, but I have to admit one thing… I was a bit naughty and used tinned chopped tomatoes as I was in a rush. I would definitely recommend fresh tomatoes if possible, for so many reasons!

Lets Begin!




Tomato Purée



Olive Oil

Spices to season (to your taste!)



-Dice Onions and garlic, heat up wok pan and put some olive oil in to heat up.


-Lightly fry the onions and garlic until they become translucent, we are aiming for nice soft onions here…


-Add your fresh *cough* tomatoes 😉 and let this simmer for a while, following this, add some tomato purée to give it some extra flavour, do not worry too much if it is bubbling, this is a drier dish so shouldn’t be too runny.


-Make little holes in your shakshouka dish to prepare for the eggs, and crack your eggs in to sit and pop a lid on top for a while. What will happen here is the eggs will lightly poach with the heat of the pan and vegetables.


-This is virtually the end of your preparation, season to your taste and when it is ready, pop it on to the plate. Note that it is VERY difficult to make Shakshouka look pretty on a plate, but I promise the taste is so much better! 😉


AO x


About Amy O

Daydreamer. OT Student. 26 years. Passion for Art, Nature, Botany, Tattoos, Rock and Blues, Yoga & the Cosmos!
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One Response to Shakshouka for Breakfast!

  1. Callum says:

    You need to add a topping of babooshkah!

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