Ramen Noodle Soup (Japanese cuisine #1)

The thing I love about most Japanese dishes is the absolute simplicity of them. There is a technique and minimalist style to Japanese cuisine which can make delicious food with only the most basic of ingredients. In this post I’m going to highlight one of my favourites for convenience and flavour, Ramen Noodle soup. This quick dish is unbelievably simple to make and so nutritious. You can get away with putting lots of different things in it but I kept it quite minimal.


I must apologise for the quality of some of these pictures, I was in a mad rush when I made this so didn’t have time to sit down and make sure my camera was on the best settings possible, but I have made use of what I captured!


Ramen Noodles (These can be found in most supermarkets)





Spring Onions

Vegetable Stock



You can add as much or as little veg to this as you like, this is why I tend to avoid writing exact numbers of ingredients. You know what you will like so I am not here to decide that for you!

The method is simple, first chop your veg. I like to grate the carrot, and I cut my spinach into small strips, therefore I am sure that it will all cook pretty evenly.

The only thing to do is add your stock and veg together then wait until it smells good enough to eat!


When adding your noodles, make sure to add them just 5 minutes before you plan on serving it, I will admit that I added my noodles too early this time and they had a very strange jelly-like consistency. I prefer the noodles a little firmer, so don’t allow them to soak in the heat for too long.

And enjoy! (お楽しみください!)



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  1. I will make this!!
    I love your mat and bowls and everything ❤

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