Arrival of the Nutri-Bullet! (First Impressions)

I have been very lucky for my birthday this year and one of the most amazing gifts I received was the nutri-bullet which I have been desperate for since I laid eyes on it (thanks mum!). I have heard amazing reviews from both my uncle and other bloggers who have been raving about it so I really wanted to get my hands on one!


I have had a few puzzled looks when talking about my excitement about the nutri-bullet arriving. And here’s the info; a nutri-bullet is not technically a juicer or a blender…but something kind of in between. This is a super powerful appliance which can pulverise stems, seeds, skins and ice making it into a smooth liquid substance for a delicious drink!


I got the limited edition cherry red one, there is no difference between this one and the others except that I thought the colour was pretty… In the package I chose, included was the nutri-bullet, all of the complementary accessories, a healing nutrition book and a superfood green powder pack which comes with a whole host of benefits to give your nutriblast a kick!

This is more of a first impressions post as I haven’t had the chance to use it much yet, but what struck me most about it was how EASY it is to use, clean and store (and no, unfortunately I’m not being paid by the marketers). Everything just kind of fits together which is great for me as there’s nothing I hate more than faffing about with things like this trying to piece it together like a jigsaw.

The first nutriblast I made was just thrown together rather than using too much reference to the recipes. I used spinach, blueberries, carrot, strawberries and water…. I don’t know why I put all of these together as they are not all that complementary to one another, but I enjoyed it all the same! It makes the liquid so fast and isn’t as noisy as I expected it would be.


My main reason for this purchase was that I am always in the rush in the morning and I’d love a quick, easy way to get some nutrients in before I start my day. I have some grapefruit, lemon and mango for tomorrow morning to give me a citrus blast. I need anything that will help me wake up!


My overall impression of the nutri-bullet after a first use is a good one. It’s exciting as a health blogger to have a fancy new kitchen appliance to play around with. Where many of my friends are excited about new gadgets and computer games…I get excited about the nutri-bullet! I will make sure to do a further update in due course when I find my feet with it highlighting some of the more nutritious benefits but at the moment I am still in excitement mode! Yay!


AO x


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Daydreamer. OT Student. 26 years. Passion for Art, Nature, Botany, Tattoos, Rock and Blues, Yoga & the Cosmos!
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