Wake up Wake up! A fruity fibre-rich breakfast option.

It seems to be a never-ending debate, what exactly is considered a ‘good breakfast’. If you’re anything like me, you just want something quick and convenient… which means extra time in bed! The truth is, there are so many ‘junk food’ breakfast options disguising themselves as healthy breakfast options, and a lot of people don’t have the time to research the difference. So I have done it for you! In a nutshell, it is best to opt for a natural, high fibre, whole-food based breakfast. Where many of the cereals out there aren’t terrible to eat everyday, they do tend to have high values of sugar and sodium (salt), and I have found my general health to be better when I eat less processed food.


This is just one of the simple breakfast ideas I sometimes use when I am in a rush. Feel free to improvise a little. I have chosen flaxseed to add fibre, as I find it gives me a little energy burst. Flaxseed is also an amazing source of your omega-3 essential fatty acids and lignans, basically meaning it is great for keeping your heart healthy and full of anti-oxidants too. However you can mix it up a little, maybe you prefer chia seed or hemp seed?


I choose Yeo Valley natural bio yoghurt, but for those who are more health conscious, a pure Greek-style yoghurt is probably a healthier option…I find this a bit thick for first thing in the morning however!


Natural bio yoghurt (or whichever you prefer)





Well, there isn’t one really… that’s the easy part! This is just a blog post to give a bit of guidance about what a healthier option might be than the usual toast and/or cereal 🙂 I have other breakfast options which I will post about as I go along, but I’m still finding my feet in this blogging malarkey so let’s get the simple posts in place first! Now I’m off to chill out 🙂


AO x


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Daydreamer. OT Student. 26 years. Passion for Art, Nature, Botany, Tattoos, Rock and Blues, Yoga & the Cosmos!
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